"Overall, a fantastic result with great leadership from Edson Consulting. You led the programme excellently, great programme control - scope, cost, time, good engagement of stakeholders etc at all levels and showed a real drive to make stuff happen..."

Our Expertise

  • Delivering award winning retail projects is our strength.
  • Our team have successfully managed award winning IT Projects and Programs for both large and smaller retailers alike.
  • Our understanding of retail business processes from improving marketing and customer facing activities through to supply chain management and financials means we are well positioned to help you improve your retail business.
  • Cloud based solutions to reduce costs.
  • Loyalty Management to improve your customer relationships.
  • Our projects have won 5 awards for delivery.
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Helping retailers win and retain customers through Marketing, Merchandising and Loyalty Solutions.

Reducing costs and driving efficiency through supply chain and financial solutions.

  • We deliver Retail IT Projects to improve your business in all areas including Marketing, Supply Chain and Finance. We can lower your operating costs with our cloud based solutions.

  • Customers

    We will help you improve your relationships with customers through deployment of the tools and techniques you need to serve your customers better. Including Advanced Customer Databases, Analytical tools, Customer modelling, Contact Centres, Mobile services, Web & Internet services, Social Media and and integrated customer campaigns.

  • Supply Chain

    Planning and keeping track of inventory is essential in today's fast moving retail world. We will help you get in control of:

    • Products
    • Supply Planning
    • Stock Management
    • Ranging and Merchandising
    • Store Layout
    • Warehousing & Distribution
    • Route and Delivery Planning
  • Finance

    We will help you improve your financial performance through better Management Information and Reporting, improved accounting for Inventory and practical use of Financial Systems to improve the overall financial position.

  • Channel Solutions

    We deliver channel solutions for:

    • Mobile
    • Website
    • Till & EPOS
    • Kiosk
    • Store & Centralised Services

    These include CRM, Loyalty, ERP and Financial solutions.

  • Overview
  • Customers
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Channel

Example Project: Marketing & Loyalty Management

For a UK based retailer we deployed the retail world's largest SAP CRM solution to manage EPOS data, marketing analysis and Loyalty Scheme for over 16 million customers.

Results: A step change in the response to marketing campaigns and relationship with customers.

Did you know? Edson Consulting implemented the world's largest SAP CRM Loyalty system with over 16m members.