Solutions for Subsidiary Companies

Our Expertise

  • Delivering award winning IT projects is our strength.
  • Our team have been delivering SAP projects for over 15 years. We also run our business using Business ByDesign so we know what it takes to run a business of this size.
  • We work with some of the largest and best known companies especially in Retail, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing where we have strong industry skills.
  • We have delivered projects from global implementations, roll outs and single site solutions of SAP in many industries.
  • We have formed a view that SAP business ByDesign is a very capable and cost effective solution. Many of our larger customers would like to be able to deploy business systems in 12 weeks rather than the two years it often takes them. Business ByDesign enables that change.
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Large enterprises face tough challenges in how to integrate their smaller business units into their central systems economically. We provide a solution called Business ByDesign which is fast to implement and integrates seamlessly with large SAP.

Example One

When you acquire new companies and want to get them integratedĀ  into your business quickly or when you areĀ  divesting smaller business units and need to separate them from you main business systems.

Our solution can be deployed quickly and at low cost whilst retaining the integrity you need.

  • Business Functionality

    Includes a complete suite of functionality for all the key business areas including Finance, Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Project Management, Procurement and Executive position.

  • Integration

    The solution integrates with the large onsite solutions from SAP so that you have a complete picture of your business, there are six key integrations areas to make your business run smoothly. These include Financials, Business Process, Master Data, Analytics and Management levels. Additional integration also can be added if required.

  • Fast Implementation

    The system can be available in a few days and can be operational in 4 to 12 weeks depending on the functionality required. Best practice business processes are provide to speed up delivery and adoption

  • Low Cost

    Subscription pricing from means it can be an operational expense rather than a capital cost Monthly fees include everything required Software, storage, maintenance, upgrades and support are all included.

  • Mobile and Easy To Use

    The solution is available on mobile devices including smartphone, iPad, Blackberry, laptop and most devices that have a browser and internet access.

  • Functionality
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Low Cost
  • Mobile

Example Two

Our consulting division has been using Business ByDesign for two years, the solution is very flexible, our team con use it when they are away from the office, on the road, with customers or even when they travel abroad

SAP Business ByDesign Brochure

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