Success factor No. 1 – Building a successful project team

Our Expertise

  • Delivering award winning IT projects is our strength.
  • Our team have been delivering SAP projects for over 15 years. We also run our business using Business ByDesign so we know what it takes to run a business of this size.
  • We work with some of the largest and best known companies especially in Retail, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing where we have strong industry skills.
  • We have delivered projects from global implementations, roll outs and single site solutions of SAP in many industries.
  • We have formed a view that SAP business ByDesign is a very capable and cost effective solution. Many of our larger customers would like to be able to deploy business systems in 12 weeks rather than the two years it often takes them. Business ByDesign enables that change.
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Sometimes having no resource can be better than having the wrong resource!
Projects achieve success because of the people involved. Designing the project organisation and choosing your project team carefully are amongst the most important tasks for the Project Manager. This important task is sometimes given a back seat and the project gets populated with resources almost by accident rather than by careful planning. Our experience taken from analysing project outcomes shows that if the team is carefully selected using a balance of technical capability, experience and, just as importantly, fit with the rest of the team then the chance of the project being successful is significantly increased. When the going gets tough in projects the team needs to be able to work together, to help each other and achieve success together.
Some of the pitfalls to be avoided are:
• Using resources just because they’re available
• Using the cheapest resources because of limited budget
• Using part time resources because they can’t be spared from their day job.

Our project experience shows that these examples are an underlying cause of problems in projects and sometimes it would be better to have no resource than the wrong resource.

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